I was prescribed Xanax

I was prescribed Xanax image
I was prescribed Xanax…
I knew that would get your attention! It is the truth, but let me explain…
I was prescribed Xanax to help me sleep through my red-eye to Italy next week. I love traveling, but I hate red-eyes. I have tried everything natural and nothing works for me. I am not anxious. I am not afraid, but I cannot ever seem to pass out. So, then, I spend my first few days of travel feeling awful.
I talked to the doctor and now here I am with my Xanax prescription. It definitely feels weird to admit this and will definitely feel weird to fill it. I am pretty much as “all natural” as you get and have avoided medicine pretty much my entire life, but I will happily embrace my needed Z’s. I will still lather myself in lavender, sip my tea and wear my eye-pillow, but this time I better pass out. If not, this will be a very interesting plane ride.
But, the Xanax leads me to another topic or perhaps the same..how do we disconnect? My favorite way to disconnect is to travel; I promise, it is not taking Xanax. I love arriving, exploring and immersing. I love forgetting my to-do list and falling in love with different cultures, foods, nature and the moment. Our days are filled, filled, filled!!! Our minds are overworked. Our bodies are neglected and our emotions are often ignored.
Travel helps me disconnect to reconnect. I try to learn about everything around me and also everything within me. We are constantly changing so it is imperative to self-reflect and travel often gives us that peace to do so. I am ready to escape. I am ready to dive in. I am ready to learn and love those who will be surrounding me, but also, I am ready to love and nurture myself.
I encourage you to book your next flight, plan your next road trip and disconnect to reconnect!
Sending you love and the travel bug,

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