Moving Meditation

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Hey Hey! Happy Almost Officially Summer!!!
Summer is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. I love the heat, the energy, the sunshine and all the fun that fills my calendar. I also love that it gives me the opportunity to be quiet and in nature. Long runs, paddle board excursions, wandering walks with no direction often slip into my routine. Tis the season to embrace nature and our ability to be in it.
I am a firm believer in moving meditation, which is why I love yoga. But, take your practice off your mat and into nature and you will come back feeling refreshed and renewed. Have you ever been out on a walk and totally zoned out? Have you ever been on a kayak and lost yourself in the nature that surrounds you? These moments give us the opportunity to quiet the mind. We consciously rest our bodies, but our mind is always going. We overthink. We over analyze. We ponder and then we even dream about everything we just thought about.
So, rather than overthinking during your movement, get lost in it. Find silence or add a mantra to your movement. Use your mantra to guide your attitude for your outdoor activity and your day. If it is a difficult activity, build your confidence with your mantra, “I am strong and powerful.” If you had a bad day and you just need to walk to calm yourself, try “I am at peace.” Use your mantra to build you up and move you forward. Get out there and love it! Nature is healing and we all need more of it.
As summer officially makes its way in, don’t be afraid to take your practice outdoors and off your mat. Use your yoga mind and heart to guide your activities and your journey. I hope I see you walking through town, jogging on a path, paddling through waters and biking through woods.
Enjoy summer and all its glory!

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