Why YOU should LOVE Tulum!!

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I could talk about Tulum, Mexico forever and have even contemplated picking up my bags and moving there. But, then, I would miss you all way too much!! There are so many reasons to love Tulum, but I will give you the low down on why you should get there sooner than later.
I love Tulum, not because it is a fav of the stars. A few days prior to my last retreat in Tulum, Demi Moore was hanging out at Amansala working on her tan and her beach bod. And, when visiting in July, Heather Graham and I stood side by side at Amansala and I later saw her shaking her booty at La Zebra, an amazing restaurant, salsa dancing spot and home of the best mojitos ever. So, the stars love it, why should you?
1. The beaches are amazing! Tulum is unlike many other parts of Mexico, and the rest of the world, that are filled with high-rise hotels, large resorts and long rows of beach chairs. You can walk for miles and see only small crowds of happy people, and a few roaming beach dogs, soaking up the sun and hiding under palapas. The breathtaking sunrises are worth getting up at 5:30AM to view. As the sun rises, joggers, walkers, photographers and yogis gather to feel the sun warm their souls and start their day different than any other.
2. Yoga is everywhere! Yoga classes, workshops and yogis striking a pose fill Tulum’s beaches. Simple palm tree thatched roofs cover wooden floors making a perfect yoga studio with a perfect view of the ocean. Practicing yoga while feeling the ocean breeze cool your skin and listening to the waves crash makes for a setting like no other. Some of my favorite teachers, Sadie Nardini, Deborah Williamson, Kellie Lin Knott, and Elena Brower, travel to Tulum offering workshops, teacher trainings and fun in the sun. Megan Ridge and I also hosted a retreat at Amansala in January with 23 amazing guests. If you are not going for a retreat or workshop, there are awesome teachers everywhere. Check out these teachers I met in Tulum, Cole Williston and Darlene Sparling.
3. Tulum is eco-friendly! You might not have a lot of light at night, but the moon or a handy dandy headlamp will guide you back to your room. AC will most likely not be offered, but the ocean breeze will cool and calm you. Oh and did I mention, no TV and very weak wifi signals. But, this is part of Tulum’s beauty and charm, and Melissa Perlman, owner of Amansala, has done an amazing job providing a location for travelers to feel comfortable without compromising the environment. After a few days of technology withdraw, you may even forget about Facebook. I promise your nervous system will thank you! Stay tuned for my upcoming retreats at Amansala!
4. The food is spectacular! I always come home feeling great after a visit to Tulum. Lots of avocados and coconuts, need I say more? You can google for an hour on the health benefits of these lovely vegan favorites. Restaurants like Mateo’s, La Zebra, Mezzanine, Tabano serve fresh fish, organic vegetables, fresh fruit smoothies and even cappuccinos. One day I even doubled up and ordered guacamole and an avocado salad at Playa Tulum Azul and then returned to Amansala where they chopped open a fresh coconut for me to sip the water. Yummy!!
5. The Mayan Ruins are a bicycle ride away! Walk the ruins without a guide and take time to marvel at the enormous structures that date back before the 13th Century. Then, take the stairs down along the cliff that lead you to a beautiful beach where you can swim and view the Ruins mounted 39 feet above you. It’s a memorable experience to say the least.
Tulum is one of the many places I love around the world and it is definitely the perfect place to do yoga! Now, tell me your favorite places to visit and do yoga!! And if it is Tulum, tell me why! I always love to hear more reasons to love Tulum! Write your comments below.
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And, check out these pics from my last retreat in Tulum. All photography was done by the amazing and incredible Melanie Smith.
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