New Years List of Bliss!

New Years List of Bliss image

The New Year should not only be about what you want to clean out, but also what you want to add in!!!

Add these to your “To Do” list and make 2013 even better than 2012.

Join me and Sadie Nardini in Tuscany for yoga, food and wine. I am not sure if 2013 can get any better with this on my travel list.

Sign up for Dr. Kristen Bentson’s YouAnew 30 Day Group Program or meet with her one-on-one. Find out how you can change your life by changing your meals. I know she has changed mine!

Try yoga or do more of it!! The Yoga Loft has a variety of classes that will make you calmer and stronger!! Or, join me for private sessions at the YouAnew Office!

Warm up at Studio Fitness!! Go for a spin class, piloxing, circuit training, yoga… Find a class you like and have fun! Remember, being active should be fun!!

Start your own business or make your current business more successful! Call Imagevolution for assistance with branding, business planning, print publications, website development and design…

OK, Get Moving, You, I mean WE, have a lot to do!!

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