Healthy, Happy and Hip X-Mas List!

  It’s that time of year where I share my favorite products and places in one blog and hope that it guides your shopping habits and makes the ones you love happier than ever. All my products and places are small businesses and have a special place in my heart. The owners of these businesses […]

Turn Your Obstacles into Goals!

A few weeks ago, I found out I had multiple stress fractures in my right foot. As a runner, yogi and all around active person, it broke my heart. I cried and sulked a bit because this has been an on-going obstacle for almost 10 years. Fractures have plagued my body and punctured my soul […]

Let Today, Inspire Tomorrow!

To be honest and a little blunt, for me, Monday sucked! This was not your usual Monday blahs, but rather a day full of setbacks, mishaps and unpleasant surprises. Rather than stay calm and move through the day as the happy yogi I tend to be, I freaked, I spazzed, I panicked and I think […]