Turn Your Obstacles into Goals!

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A few weeks ago, I found out I had multiple stress fractures in my right foot. As a runner, yogi and all around active person, it broke my heart. I cried and sulked a bit because this has been an on-going obstacle for almost 10 years. Fractures have plagued my body and punctured my soul on many occasions. At the early age of 30, after a patella fracture, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Over the last four years, I have focused on healing and strengthening my body holistically with food and exercise, but occasionally fractures still prevail.
Typically, after I suffer from a fracture, I count the days until I can pound the ground running again. But, this time, I decided to focus on turning my obstacle into a goal. I vowed over the next few weeks to become an amazing swimmer. I have been swimming forever, but I never felt completely comfortable with my form, alignment and ability. I needed to refocus my outlook in an effort to heal my mind. I am so excited to learn something new that will make me stronger as well as heal my body.
Every day we encounter obstacles. Some are barely noticeable and others rock our world. Today, I encourage you to evaluate the obstacles that you are constantly confronting and determine if you can mold them into a goal that excites you and invigorates you. Rather than let your obstacles stop you, change them, reshape them and jump over them. Remember, life is not about what happens to us, but rather our ability to react to it positively.
Wishing you a day filled with obstacles that you will maneuver through with strength and a smile!
With love,
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