I Will Have Fun

Mantra Fun
I hope you are doing well and staying healthy! As mentioned last week, we know that this year’s holiday season will be different to say the least and we promised each other that we will all try to go with the flow. Although it will be different, I am sure there are ways that we can all find some fun. Just because things are not the same, does not mean that they need to be boring! So, this week, I am encouraging you to get creative and find fun in new ways. For me, I have enjoyed lots of extra time reading. I know… I am extremely nerdy and find reading lots of fun. But, we also have had more time for board games, long walks and late nights out by the fire. So, what can you find this week that may not be typical, but still may be fun.
This week’s mantra:
I will have fun!
I will have fun!
I will have fun!
Oh and because I am so grateful for all your little notes of encouragement, love and kindness throughout the year, I will be offering some free classes in January. Classes will be available via links in my Weekly Mantras. Keep your eyes pealed and please encourage others to sign up for my email list to join in on the classes.
With love and gratitude, XO

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