I Will Find Peace

Peace Mantra
I know. I know. All we ALL keep talking about is how extremely different this year’s holidays are going to be. We usually host Christmas Eve and we have a house filled with 20 + people and we make enough food to feed 50, but this year will be quiet and it will be a party for three, me, Zeek and Josh. But, rather than focus on what I will miss about this whirlwind event, I am planning to embrace the quietness and the intimate moments alone with my family that we do not usually get over the holidays. The week between Christmas and New Years is typically a crazed week with lots of cooking, hosting and visiting others. This year, will be quiet and I plan to absorb the peace and reflect on what the year has taught me and hope that 2021 brings us all back together again. Let’s use this week’s mantra to get us through the next two weeks…
This week’s mantra:
I will find peace.
I will find peace.
I will find peace.
Oh and because I am so grateful for all your little notes of encouragement, love and kindness throughout the year, I will be offering some free classes in January. Classes will be available via links in my Weekly Mantras. Keep your eyes pealed and please encourage others to sign up for my email list to join in on the classes.
And, I will be taking the next two weeks off from mantras and emails. So, look for those free classes beginning January 10 and I promise…no more holiday talk when I return. Let’s get excited to move on and say good bye to 2020!!
With love and gratitude, XO

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