I Will Go With the Flow

Mantra Go With the Flow
Hi everyone!
If you are here in the US or if you celebrated somewhere else, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday even if it was different. Josh, Zeek and I had a relaxing holiday at home despite it being Plan C. If this year has taught us nothing else, it has taught us we need to go with the flow and simply enjoy where we are in the world. I know the next few weeks will be challenging as we plan, replan and then plan again to accommodate our ever-changing situation. So rather than resist and fight it, let’s simply acknowledge that this holiday season will be ever-changing and extremely different. Let’s accept it and embrace it. I hope this week’s mantra can guide you and me to stay flexible, present and grateful as we move further into the holiday season.
This week’s mantra:
I will go with the flow.
I will go with the flow.
I will go with the flow.
Oh and because I am so grateful for all your little notes of encouragement, love and kindness throughout the year, I will be offering some free classes in January. Classes will be available via links in my Weekly Mantras. Keep your eyes pealed and please encourage others to sign up for my email list to join in on the classes.
With love and gratitude, XO

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