I am not afraid

Mantra I am not afraid
Truth is…I am afraid of a lot! But, tis the season for spooky, so I thought I would take a moment to concentrate on overcoming fears. Fears come in all shapes and sizes, but some haunt us more than others. But most often, our minds seem to exaggerate outcomes making our fears much bigger than they need to be.
Years ago, I read Gabby Bernstein‘s definition of FEAR…False Expectations Appearing Real. It has stuck with me over the years and often becomes a mantra when I find myself afraid of an outcome that I cannot control or predict. This week, let’s take a moment to face our fears simply by allowing them to move in and through our thoughts, then allow them to simmer there for a few moments before telling ourselves, I am not afraid!
This week’s mantra:
I am not afraid.
I am not afraid.
I am not afraid.
Have an amazingly fearless week!
XO – L

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