Welcome Home.

Welcome Home Mantra Pic
Ahhh!!! I am back from beautiful and tranquil Iceland. One of my very favorite parts of travel, is having extra time to spend with others (new friends and old) and hearing about their journeys.
During this past adventure, I had the pleasure of hanging with so many other gypsy souls who have been traveling to and exploring beautiful places around the world.
These lovely travelers have found home everywhere. They have found happiness and they have found a way to make every place their home. Home is where your heart sparkles. It is where you can find comfort, where you can find companionship, where you can breathe and where you can smile. This week, no matter where you are on your path, let’s find home in the moment rather than in the place.
This week’s mantra:
welcOMe hOMe
welcOMe hOMe
welcOMe hOMe
XO – L

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