Travel Tip: Things I ALWAYS carry in my travel backpack.

So… many of you asked…What is in your travel backpack?
The backpack that never leaves my side on the plane is very strategically packed and filled with lots of good stuff to keep me healthy, sane and cozy. And, most of it stays prepped and ready to go in a closet so I never forget anything. This also reduces the stress around packing.
Let’s talk health first…
1) Vitamins: All my vitamins are always in my backpack just in case I need to check my carry on! And, I have learned my lesson over the years, pack them correctly so they do not get taken away while going through security. I use ROAM’s Wellness Travel Packs. For me, I never leave home without probiotics, B12, my multivitamin, chlorophyll, charcoal tabs, and magnesium powder.
Hmmm..I think I may need another blog to explain what’s in my Wellness Travel Pack and Why.
2) Essential Oils: There are so many germs in the air and our surroundings on a plane. I also often get congested. So, essential oils are a lifesaver for me! In a small see through plastic bag, I pack Eucalyptus, Thieves, Tea Tree and Lavender Oil. I also pack an oregano oil nose spray. It is as bad as it sounds, but it will clear you up and kill anything floating around in there. And, lastly, Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer!! Yes, spray yourself and everything else down!
3) Snacks: I loath airplane food and I hate not being able to relax because I have food all over my tray. So, I politely ask not to have food, if the flight attendants give me the chance to tell them. I always pack protein filled snacks that help me feel healthy and filled until my arrival. I always pack enough so I have snacks for the flight home as well. I keep it simple and pack protein bars, my current favorite are Vanilla Almond Aloha Bars. Then, I just make some trail mix, which is always filling!! I try my best to stay away from adding salted nuts to the mix so that I do not retain any extra water. Speaking of…
4) Water: I buy the biggest bottle I can find and sometimes two!! Or, if the airport has water filling stations, I fill up my 40oz refillable water bottle, which I carry everywhere. I drink a lot of water already, but when I fly I drink as much as I can. Then, I add electrolytes to my water. I retain water easily. So, anything I can do to avoid it, I will!! Drink up!
5) Moisturizer: Everything dries up!! So, I pack my favorite moisturizer in a tiny carry-on size approved tub. I apply before, during and after my flight. Oh and I also carry lavender misting spray in a small spray bottle and apply throughout the flight as well. Remember, have everything in airplane approved containers, 3.4 oz or smaller!
6) Face Wipes: When we land, Cucumber Face Wipes are the best, especially after a long flight! I keep them in my backpack for the entire trip and use them as needed after long days of exploring!
Now, let’s talk about staying cozy…
1) Scarf: As mentioned, in my last travel tips blog, I wear a scarf. Well, if it is too warm to wear a scarf, I make sure it is still in my back pack. My favorite travel scarf is the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf because it has buttons allowing it to transform from scarf to blanket!! Don’t use the airplane blankets!! They are just as germ-ridden as the rest of the plane!
2) Eye Mask: Yes, I cover up the eyes and block it all out especially on a red eye!! I am a light sleeper. So, anything I can do to create darkness is needed. I bought mine years ago and still love it!
3) Neck Pillow: Yup, I look like a nerd on the plane and I don’t care!! But, my neck pillow does wrap up into a carrying pack. Years ago, I had one that attached to the outside of my backpack and it was annoying and I was annoying hitting everyone and everything with it while walking through the airport and plane.
4) Headphones: I have big over the ear wireless headphones and it makes such a difference. They block out sound and keep me even cozier. Before leaving, I download some sleep music from Spotify so that I have music to listen to while sleeping. Again, this blocks out even more noise and helps me get to a calming sleep state.
5) Compression Socks: This is a perfect way to end because I love wearing knee high compression socks. I pack them in my bag and quickly change into them once on the plane. This helps with reducing the swelling in your legs and increases circulation!! You can find compression socks online and at your favorite running store. They are great to wear for long runs as well.
Now, let’s talk about how I keep busy for really long flights…
I love a good book to read through while on the flight. I also love spoiling myself with buying a magazine or two at the airport. I say spoil because some can be quite expensive.
And, often on flights home, I bust out my laptop. (My backpack has a special compartment for my laptop that can easily open up for security, as needed.) I love traveling and disconnecting, which then leads to a pile up of emails, bills and lots of other things to do. So, having 4-9 hours of uninterrupted time to work is amazing. Yes, I will pay for the wifi and I think it is so worth it to get caught up on life and return home a little less overwhelmed.
Oh and don’t forget to pack all your chargers. I keep them all ready to go in a little bag. This way, I can throw them in my backpack and never forget all the chargers I need.
Pro tip: Keep your toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant easily accessible in your other bag. This way, when you arrive, you can quickly grab it all and freshen up before heading back out into the real world!
Well, that was a lot!! I would love to hear from you!! What is missing from my list that you cannot live without in your travel bag that never leaves your side?
Sending you love and the travel bug!
XO – L

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