Love Where You are Going!

Love where you are going image
Love where you are going…
These beautiful words came via a note from my dear friend Ena (yes, I have talked about her before. She’s a true gem.) And, it was exactly what I needed to read, hear and feel. As I pack my bags to head back to Europe, I am still buzzing from my last trip, but somehow feel nervous about this one.
Yoga teaches us to be present, to be in the moment, to avoid the temptation to dwell on the past and anxiously await the future. So, as I pack my bags, my focus seems fuzzy, my heart seems confused and my soul feels torn.
Why? Because I love where I am. These feelings often overwhelm before a big change and movement because I do truly love the place I am physically, mentally and spiritually. So, to break the mold, to make change, to fly across oceans, I wonder how it will change me. Although fears and uncertainty run through me, somewhere deep down I know it all happens for a reason, it all leads me somewhere new that will provide another exceptionally beautiful present moment.
So, as I sit and plan for the future, I am trying my best to stay grounded in the moment. So, as I heard my friend Ena say before, “Love Where You Are,” I will let these words continue to run through me. And, her note will remain next to my heart as a reminder to “Love Where You Are Going.”
Sending you all the courage to love where you are and where you are going!
XO – L

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