Do NOT Ignore the Warning Signs!

Do NOT Ignore the Warning Signs image
Do NOT Ignore the Warning Signs!
As some of you know, last week I came down with the flu and bronchitis. I would love to say I listened closely to myself and paid attention to the warning signs and those pesky germs still prevailed. But the truth is, I ignored the warning signs and hoped for the best.
One of the many things that yoga has taught me is to be more self-aware. Unfortunately, that beautiful insight and awareness does nothing for us, if we do not pay attention and react appropriately. I knew my body was fighting something, but I was not willing to help with the fight until it knocked me completely on my ass.
Warning signs are everywhere. They might start off gently nudging us, but eventually they come in for the punch. They appear in our health, our relationships our careers and in so much more. These signs are there to guide us and help us make better choices. Recognizing the warning signs can be heart breaking and choosing to deal with them can feel even worse. But, we are resilient and powerful beings and we have the choice to conquer those obstacles or become defeated by them.
My little health battle taught me quite a bit. My eyes feel a bit more open and my awareness a bit more keen. Signs are everywhere and I am ready to listen! I hope you are too!
Sending you strength, health and lots of self-awareness!

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