Falling Forward to Look Back

Falling Forward to Look Back image
As I flew forward and saw the ground quickly moving towards me, I knew I was about to crash hard. I sat there on the ground trying to regroup myself for what felt like hours, but was more like ten minutes. I said over and over and over again, I am fine; I am fine; I am fine.
I have not fell like that, while running, in a few years. The difference between now and then is that I would have broken a bone and would be in emergency center rather than writing this blog.
Progress and change can happen quickly! But often when we are on this fast moving path of progress, we forget to look back and remember how far we have come.
After I bandaged up my knee and realized I was OK, my heart felt overwhelmed with gratitude for my journey and how quickly it can change and improve. Keep moving forward at full speed, but don’t forget to take brief moments of positive reflection. Honor your path, your falls, your bumps, your bruises and all things that brought you to this point. Your journey is just as important as the destination.
With lots of love,
XO – L

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