Take a DEEP Breath

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Take a DEEP Breath!!!
We all have our moments, our days and our weeks and sometimes those moments last even longer. But, when we take a moment to stop, sit still and just breathe, it somehow becomes clear that it is going to be OK. And, more than often, it will be much better than OK.
We often get caught up in the drama of life and forget how awesome it really is and can be. Our lives are filled with so many moments of greatness, but we often focus on the few moments that bring us down.
I encourage you to stop, drop and meditate for the next 30 days and notice how your thoughts, words and actions begin to shift. These sessions do not need to last long. The smallest actions can have the biggest impact. Think quality versus quantity.
I love starting my day with a few minutes of deep breathing and a mantra that will motivate and inspire me throughout the day. Choose what works for you.
My mantra this week:
My thoughts, my actions and my words will be positive.
Sending you a positively awesome day, week and life,

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