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Finding Steadiness in Stillness

Finding Steadiness in Stillness image
I love these words: steadiness and stillness. I love how both make me feel. I love that when you combine them they become magical. Can you be steady without stillness? Can you be still without steadiness?
I notice in my own practice and I see it in my students’ practice. We can be still but not steady and we can be steady and not still. I know. I know. This all sounds redundant and maybe even pretty confusing. But, how often do you catch yourself in downdog fidgeting or your mind flooding with thoughts during meditation?
With everything going on around us and the holidays and its crazy season flying by us, can we find time to be steady and still? Can you sit still and allow the mind to be steady? Can you shut movement down along with thoughts?
I know the to-do lists grow exponentially during this time of year, but know that it will always be waiting there for you. When we allow ourselves to be steady and still, we prepare ourselves mentally, physically and psychologically for the craziness that often surrounds us during the holiday season. So, rather than add an extra arm balance or inversion to your day, add a few moments of stillness and steadiness.
Sending you love and peace,

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