Feeling Full

Feeling Full image
Happy 2016!
As I sit here and contemplate what to write to kick off the New Year, one feeling and word keeps running through my mind…Full! Yes, I do feel a little more physically “full” after two weeks of some extra indulging, but I also feel FULL of LOVE, HAPPINESS and EXCITEMENT for 2016.
I love that the “New Year” encourages us all to be reflective of the past and a planner of the future; however, do not forget to sit and notice how you currently feel. Yoga teaches us to focus on the present moment and maintain self-awareness. Allow 2016 to be your year to check-in and recognize how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally each day. Your 2016 agenda will be waiting patiently for you upon your return.
Sending you love, happiness and excitement for 2016!

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