Choose Wisely

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Life is filled with lots of choices. And, the holidays seem to be filled with even more making it an extremely stressful time of year. What gatherings do you choose to attend? What gifts do you choose to buy and who do you buy them for? What do you choose to eat and drink? Our routine gets completely out of whack and making “the right” choices often seem challenging. We often lose a sense of ourselves and we begin to make choices that reflect what others want rather than what we want.
I know, I know, I know tis the season for giving, spreading cheer and lots of compromise, but, what do you compromise about yourself in the process? I love a good party, lots of cheer and spreading love, but I don’t like feeling depleted, exhausted and unhealthy.
So, I make choices, lots of them. I say no to a lot of social engagements and say yes to the ones that fit my schedule and lifestyle. I buy gifts, but not a lot. I love surprising family and friends with experiences. Cards filled with notes inviting family for a dinner out, a pedicure or a hike and lunch are often my favorite ways to gift give. I save time shopping, which gives me more time to care for myself and others during this hectic season.
Before making your choices, take a moment to think through your options and make the decision that makes you feel happy and energized. Take a moment to meditate each day and notice how you feel. If you are moving towards that state of depletion, can you slow down and make a healthier and more fulfilling choice? Whatever you choose, make sure that you choose wisely. I promise you that your post-holiday self will thank you.
Sending you lots of healthy cheer and love,

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