Short Journey. Far Distance.

Short Journey. Far Distance image
One year does not sound like a lot. One mile sounds even less. But, over the past year, my husband has been working non-stop on transforming a house only one short mile away into our perfect oasis from the world. In retrospect, one year should not seem catastrophic and one mile is a short jog for me, but man did it seem like FOREVER and so FAR AWAY!!!
So as with everything else that I do, I am taking a moment to check in and reflect on the year. To say that there were moments that I did not use my yoga skills to relax and stay calm would be quite the understatement. To say that I went into full panic mode once in a while would be a farce. And, to say that I did not feel lonely while my husband worked a ton of hours would be a huge lie!!
I know that I could have approached this all so differently. So, what did I learn from this all?
BEATHE more. Panic Less.
PRACTICE more. Panic Less.
TRUST those you love and the universe more. Panic Less.
CELEBRATE small victories more. Panic Less.
LOVE more. Panic Less.
So from my new cozy living room to you in yours, thank you all for being a part of this journey! And, I am so grateful this chapter is over!!!
Sending you love and big deep breaths!
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