What I Learned in the Jungle

What I Learned in the Jungle image

When I travel, I love soaking it all up. I love indulging in what surrounds me. I love being free of my everyday routine even if I ditch it for another.

I very rarely bring home gifts from my travels. And, if I do, it’s typically food because I love bringing home some of my culinary favorites. But, every trip, I bring back a piece of the culture or a healthy habit I picked up along the way. Travel does not need to always be an unhealthy indulgence; rather, it can be an opportunity for you to find new healthy habits that make you feel great.

So, here is what I came home with after nine days in the jungle perched on the absolutely stunning Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at Xinalani.

1) Eat More Often. Wow! I can’t believe I said that, but it’s true. Vacations are often filled with unhealthy food options, but Xinalani always serves healthy clean eating options. After long days of yoga, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding and even Salsa dancing, I needed to fuel my body with an abundance of greens, fruit, seeds and nuts. Typically, I often forget to eat frequently at home and reach for a protein bar or kombucha. My daily lunch-time salads, afternoon seed grazing and fabulous jungle to table dinners reminded me that frequent whole foods is the way to go all the time not just when you have an amazing chef hiding behind the kitchen doors.

2) Climb More. Walking to the jungle studio each morning often felt strenuous and exhausting, but by the time my heart rate slowed down and I regained my breath, I felt amazing. Find stairs and hills to walk, jog or climb. Your body and mind will be grateful.

3) Start With Practice. Each morning I taught at 8am, but I started my day prior with my own practice. Those 30ish minutes on my mat were breathtaking and such an amazing way to wake my mind, body and heart. This also left no room for my practice to slip away between the palm trees.

4) Sit Still and Enjoy. My students are often floored by my energy level. I move from one activity to the next until I collapse. I love my enthusiasm for always moving, but learning to sit still was a challenge there and is always a challenge here. So, I am determined to focus on my need to rest and relax so that I can move at the level I want to when I’m ready.

I could go on and on, but I think this gets me and you started. Life is way too short not listen to what your body and mind is saying. Focus and follow through. You will feel much better afterwards.

Sending you an energetic hug with love!

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