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I lost it!!!!!
I could not sleep and it was hard to think of anything else. My mind was spinning out of control. I lost my mind over something so insignificant, yet felt so important. As I packed for my end-of-the year hiatus to the beach, I could not find my favorite bikini (in the picture above:).
Yes, this is the truth and what totally created havoc in my life for more than 24 hours. I searched and searched and could not find it. Despite having six other bathing suits packed, I wanted this one.
I tried to meditate, I tried to let it go, I tried, I tried, I tried, but I failed miserably. I literally could not let it go until I found it. After searching through our drawers multiple times and even going through our good will bag, I found it folded in my husband’s bathing suit from a prior outing. When I found it, I screamed like I won the lottery and felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.
After it was over, I realized I really needed to get away and get re-centered. When the search for a bathing suit begins to take over your brain, you know it is time for some rest.
The search for the bathing suit was about much more than the bathing suit; it was more about the fact that I have been so busy that I rush through everything and can’t remember what I am doing from one moment to the next. When we lose focus, when we lose our ground, when we can’t stop to think long enough to figure it out, then we need to slow down and take a pause.
So that being said, I am happy to report that I am leaving for the beach with my favorite bikini and will try my best to disconnect from social media and begin to reconnect to my inner-self so that I can come back bringing you more love and inspiration.
With fall quickly approaching and our activity levels moving back to super speed, do you need to hit the pause button, the reset button or hit the emergency brake? Before you crash and before you lose it, take notice where you are and what you need. Breathe!!!! Sit Still! SLOW DOWN!
Sending you strength, love and peace!

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