End of the Summer Cleanse

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Summer brings farmers’ markets filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and perfect weather for outdoor excursions and workouts. It also fills our calendar with picnics, festivals and beach days. Late nights, extra cocktails and some undesirable food choices may leave you feeling less than optimal.
Here are my end of the summer clean up and out tips.
Drink Up!
No, please don’t have an extra cocktail. Drink plenty of H2O! Place a glass of water next to your bedside and drink the entire glass as soon as you wake up. Lie back down and rub your abdomen area clock-wise. Give your elimination system a little help!
Blend It!
Blending your food doesn’t just make it more convenient to eat on the go; it also makes it easier to digest. So, give your digestion system a rest and blend it up during the day.
Try one of my favorite detox smoothies:081514a
2 cups of blueberries
2 cups of kale
½ of a beet
½ scoop of vanilla protein powder (I use Garden of Life’s Raw Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder.)
Large chunk of ginger
Few shakes of cinnamon
2 cups of almond milk

Photo by Joshua Attanasio
Photo by Joshua Attanasio

Go upside down!
I love hanging out upside down and I love the energy that moves through me as I kick up into handstand. Inversions stimulate the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine systems. Want more info on the benefits of inversions, check out my article published with My Yoga Online, 10 Amazing Reasons to Turn Your Day Upside Down.
Give Yourself a Little (or a lot of) Love!
Create an end of the summer mantra that focuses on your beauty and strength. Begin your day with a short meditation, “I am strong, beautiful and healthy.” Allow your words to transform and comfort you.
As we move out of summer and into fall, take an extra few minutes each day to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and the sounds of nature. Bask in the summer bliss!
Wishing you happiness and health!

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