Stop Pretending and Start Living

Stop Pretending and Start Living image
I write this to you as I am flying high to San Francisco. Soon I will be in Napa, hosting a yoga retreat emphasizing a life filled with balance: yoga, wine and clean eating. As many of you know, I believe life should be filled with work and play and your play should be your work.
During the week prior to traveling, people often say, “Have a great vacation!” Friends and family often forget that this is not a vacation, but rather my life and job. Even my tax accountant laughs at my expenses: paddle boards, dinners in Italy, flights to Aruba, yoga classes… And, I confidentially and proudly, say, “Yes, those are all work expenses.”
I know this all sounds crazy and almost too good to be true, but my journey here and my path in front of me, was and will not be perfect or easy. But, every bump in the road was worth it. I love what I do. I love helping others and I love traveling.
Once I stopped pretending that I enjoyed the path that society set for me, and realized I could create my own journey filled with light, love and prosperity, my life changed.
When you shift your perception and stop pretending that your path is set in stone, you can begin to build a path filled with happiness and success.
Although this sounds cliché, know that you can be anything and do anything. Determine what makes you happy and begin to incorporate your passion into your everyday life. Then, decide how you can use your passion to help others. There is something special about you. Determine this…you will change and so will the world.
Sending light and love,

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