Cure Your Winter Blues

Cure Your Winter Blues image
I won’t pretend. I won’t lie. I won’t behave as though it is not bothering me.
This weather is AWFUL!
I am ready for spring, with all it has to offer: warm walks outside, morning yoga sessions on my deck, evenings in the backyard sitting by the fire…I am ready!
But…unfortunately, I am not sure spring is ready for us! We all know we cannot control our environment, but we can control our response. So, what can we do to stay sane?
Here are my tips for making it through our extended winter!
1) Get Out! I know I say this all the time, but I cannot emphasize it enough. Get out and get some fresh air, even if it is cold! Bundle up and start with small walks!
2) Spring Up Your House! Buy fresh flowers and burn candles that remind you of the outdoors. I love burning my lavender candle.
3) Sweat! Workout really hard and make your body think that it is 90 degrees! Get out to a yoga class or any other type of fitness class. Get your body moving!
4) Eat Like It Is Spring! I love buying local, but right now it is almost impossible. Buy fresh and frozen organic fruits and start making smoothies, juices and salads. Add cucumbers, celery, ginger and fresh herbs. I promise it will taste like spring.
5) Social Media Less and Socialize More. Visit with friends, go out to diner or meet friends to workout! I know it seems too cold to motivate yourself, but you will feel much better after you get some group therapy.
Sending you warmth, love and motivation to move!

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