Who Are You?

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When I was younger, I defined myself as everything I did rather than who I truly am as a person. I would often tell people that I am a runner. I am a Dean of Students. I am a vegan. But, did that really explain who I am?
After years of learning to disassociate myself from my titles, I learned I was much more than a runner, a dean and a vegan. Sometimes these brilliant thoughts came to me when I was in my darkest moments. When I tore my hamstring and I could not run, I wasted a lot of energy crying because I felt like if I wasn’t running, I wasn’t myself. This was so far from the truth and was quite a humbling experience. From that point on, I started to learn what defines me as a person and what defines my abilities are two totally different things.
When you stop to really contemplate who you truly are, do you know yourself? Can you clearly tell what makes you amazing and different from everyone else? Can you tell others what makes your heart beat faster and what inspires you? Once you begin to figure out who you are, life will become much more clear. When you understand who you are, you can better understand what your place in the world should be and who should be standing by your side.
On this day of love, please take a moment for some self-reflection to determine what makes your heart truly tick and how you inspire the world with your heart.
Sending love and hugs!

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