Don’t Give Up On Giving In!

Don’t Give Up On Giving In image
Please do not misinterpret this statement. I don’t want you to give in to external factors that make you feel uncomfortable, but rather I want you to give in to what makes you feel great.
We spend a lot of time giving out our energy, but how often do we GIVE IN?
Do we love ourselves as much as we want others to love us?
Do we speak to ourselves with respect and love?
If you do not properly love yourself, how can you love others?
The days that I neglect myself are the same days where my patience is short, my energy is low and my attention span is non-existent. Give in to yourself to give out to others.
Here are my favorite ways to give in!
1) Take a bath. I love taking baths and often take several a week. Add Epsom Salts and shredded ginger to warm you up!
2) Wake up! A few days a week, I wake up at 5AM so that I can sit quietly without any interruptions. (There are not too many people Facebooking at this hour:) I burn a candle, sit on my yoga mat and start counting every inhale and every exhale.
3) Go to bed early. On weeknights, I typically crawl into bed around 9PM and extend my legs up the wall and read for 30-60 minutes before crashing. Despite the fact that there are always things on my to do list, I value my love for learning. I love reading books that help me learn more about yoga, health and fitness.
4) Go for a walk. I truly believe fresh air and movement cures most ailments. I dedicate my walks to either being quiet or being social. I catch up on all my phone calls, walk with a friend or simply admire all the beauty that surrounds me.
5) Cook. Make something that tastes great and makes you feel amazing! I love cooking because it allows me to be creative, productive and healing all at the same time.
So…get to it!! Give in today, so you can give out tomorrow!
Sending you love and strength!

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