Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

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It can be a little dusty, it’s filled with lots of stuff, it’s definitely cluttered. Do you know what I am referring to? For you, it may be your basement, the spare bedroom, the attic, the garage…? But, I am actually talking about your busy mind. There are so many thoughts moving through our minds: our to-do lists, our plans for tonight, tomorrow, our emails, our Facebook… So much, so little time. What would we be like if we could clear the mind of these thoughts and sit in peace? Not forever, but maybe just for a few minutes. We know that the lists and our thoughts will still be there. If you are like me, they are stored somewhere on an iPhone, iPad, computer… They will be there waiting happily to have you and your mind back. I often teach detox and cleansing classes that focus on what we can eliminate from our diets and lives that create a toxic environment within our bodies. Let’s take this a little further and take a moment to think about the thoughts, relationships, words, emotions that fill our everyday lives that create a toxic environment in the mind and then eventually the body.
Patanjali’s Second Yoga Sutra: Yogah Chitta Vritti Norodhah, defines yoga as “the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.”
Can we refocus our spring-cleaning on a detoxification of all the things that clutter the mind? Just as we would clean out the garage, cabinets, attic, can we go through everything and determine the good, the bad and the ugly? Can we decide what is not serving us and helping us move towards the best we can be? What is holding us back from being at peace? What is stopping us from achieving our goals? Can we detox the mind and at the same time invigorate the soul?
Spring is often thought of as a time for rebirth and renewal. Let’s move forward together and try these everyday exercises for the mind and see how we transform.
1) Write it down. Write a things-to-do list and determine what truly needs to be on the list and what can be erased. Write in a journal about feelings that you have and determine if you need to take action or cleanse yourself from these thoughts.
2) Give It Away. Do you have some great ideas that you feel can help others be happy, healthy and successful? Share your ideas in a loving compassionate way freeing your mind of some extra inventory. Write a blog, newsletter or simply share your ideas in a conversation.
3) Be Honest. Do you feel you have not been completely honest with yourself and/or others? Has this dishonesty caused internal tension? Being honest and kind allows you to care for yourself and for others in a more genuine way. Be true to yourself and others and notice the weight loss in the body and mind.
4) Turn It Off! We love our technology, but when we are constantly being inundated with information, action, and so much stimuli our minds are always moving faster than needed. Turn it off, to slow it down. Go for a walk and brainstorm a project or idea. Go to your favorite park, beach, walking trail…and observe the beauty that surrounds you. Your mind will become sharper and your ideas will become more focused.
5) Clean the Slate. After writing it down in a list and/or journal have you realized that your thoughts and actions are not helping you move towards the best that you can be? What actions can you let go of? What thoughts can you say goodbye to? What relationships can you walk away from? Eliminating the toxins within your life can move you closer to a life of freedom and happiness.
Try these exercises and then create some of your own. Journal the process and observe your energy, attitude and life begin to change. Share your experiences with others and share your experiences with me. I am always hear to listen. Write your comments below or send me a personal message via email or Facebook.
Sending love, courage and strength,

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