Yogi On the Run, March Newsletter, One Happy Island!

Yogi On the Run, March Newsletter, One Happy Island image
I have had the opportunity to travel a lot throughout life and I am always looking for another great location that makes me feel happy, healthy and whole! After returning from a five-day trip to Aruba (AKA One Happy Island), I am excited to announce that I can add Aruba to my list of favorite travel destinations. Read further to find out why I now love Aruba and why you should come back with me and Melanie Smith in November for the Freedom from Fear SUP Yoga Retreat. Also, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming video footage on Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa. Get an insiders look at the Resort!!
GET THERE FAST & THEN SLOW DOWN! Aruba is a short 4 hour and 15 minute flight from the New York and Philadelphia area! And, the island is only 20 miles long making your commute from the airport a short 15-minute drive.
BRIGHTEN UP! Get that sun kissed look during the cold winter months. The weather is perfect!!! Average temperature in November: 89 degrees!!
CHANGE IT UP! We all have our favorite yoga studios, favorite rooms and other fav places to throw our mat down, but it’s time to change the scenery! Classes will be offered daily on a deck, pavilion and in the water with the ocean as your backdrop and the waves as your tunes.
LEARN SOMETHING NEW! Paddleboard yoga is an awesome way to give your yoga poses a little flare and your core some extra love. The steady ocean flow will keep those core muscles and muscle stabilizers engaged the entire practice.
BE PROACTIVE! Get healthy before the holidays rather than waiting until January 1! Yoga sessions, paddleboard yoga and walks on the beach will keep you moving. Daily smoothies and healthy bites will keep you looking and feeling great!
GET SOME well-deserved R & R before the holiday social calendar fills.
PAMPER YOURSELF! Try a variety of spa options at Manchebo’s beachfront spa facility. Unique services such as Volcano Mud Body Wraps, After del Sol Facial Masks, and Shiatsu Massages can all be added to your day. Don’t forget to try the Garra Rufa Fish Footspa Soak your feet in a Jacuzzi-like tub filled with Garra Rufa Fish that attach to your feet providing for a mini massage that stimulates blood flow and increases circulation.
GET DEEP OR HANG HIGH! Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Windsurfing, Kite Surfing, Kayaking, Parasailing and Skydiving are just a few of the fun activities you can try on the island.
MAKE FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND! Go for a walk or run! Eagle and Palm beach span approximately 7 miles. The sandy beach provides a great walking and running path allowing you to forget all about your daily pounding pavement routine. There is also a walking path that runs along the beach.
JUMP IN! The average ocean temp in November is 85 degrees, making it a perfect place to practice your favorite swim stroke.
WATCH THE SUN SET! The included sunset sail will stop at several snorkel locations before the sun begins to lower beyond the horizon. Look for starfish, tropical fish, turtles and other ocean creatures before watching the sun set. P.S. Cocktails are included!!
USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM! Bring a friend or family member. The friend and family rate is a great way to convince your non-yogi buddies to get on the plane with you. These rates do not include yoga or paddle boarding, but still include the provided meals and sunset cruise.
TAKE CHARGE of your destiny! Everything is an option: yoga classes, paddle boarding… Choose to sleep in and skip yoga. Go on an excursion rather than paddleboard. Sip a cocktail on the beach rather than take the sunset sail. It is all your choice! Make this trip your best trip ever!
ADDED BONUS! Sign up for the Freedom from Fear SUP Yoga Retreat by next Thursday, March 21, and receive $100 OFF! You only need to provide a $500 deposit to secure your spot! Hurry!!
Melanie and I have been traveling the world having fun in the sun and now we want to bring you with us. We love all things beachy! And, we love any reason to get in the water. Join us for yoga flows on the deck, in the pavilion and on a paddleboard. Our well-balanced teaching styles will keep you fit and relaxed. Our paddleboard yoga training will keep you feeling safe, yet adventurous. Join us!!
Last, but not least! The Beach Boys sang about Aruba and listed it first. This must mean something!
Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take ya
Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego baby why don’t we go…
Please start singing!
My heart is filled with love, adventure and yoga. Let me fill yours!
P.S. You will be home before the holiday traffic starts. You will still have time to stuff the turkey. And, you will make it into every family photo; however, this year you will have a radiant glow and a much bigger smile!

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