Nothing will go perfectly, but everything will be perfect!

Ciao a tutti!

I hope you are all well. I have been in Italy for the last several weeks in Sestri Levante, my home away from home, and today I leave for Vietri sul Mare another beautiful seaside location. Do you know about Vietri? If not, you should join me there next year. It is such an overlooked town along the Amalfi Coast. Personally, I hope it stays a bit undiscovered;)

Today, Zeek and I will take a four hour train from Florence to Salerno. From there, we are only a few minutes away from the stunning Palazzo Suriano. Fingers and toes crossed it all goes smoothly. Zeek is not a huge fan of getting on and off the train, but once he is on, it should be a quiet and relaxing ride.

This week, I am sharing another personal mantra that I often need to use throughout travel and during the trips that I host. I shared this with my step-sister prior to her travel to Italy and it was a great reminder to myself. If you are traveling near or far this Summer, this is a great mantra to hold onto.

Nothing will go perfectly, but everything will be perfect!

I hope this can help today and in the future.

XO Laurel

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