I will seek out adventure

So, how have you been? Are you settling into Fall and the approaching Winter. Well, if you have not seen on social media yet, I am in Italy again!!! I am not quite ready to hibernate and we had this very special trip planned for last year, but it obviously needed to get rescheduled. On this trip, we are visiting parts of Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, Naples and Rome. More importantly, we are visiting two villages where my husband’s great grandparents were from. We are both very excited! Who knows?!? Maybe, one day, we will all return together to one of these locations. You know that I am always searching for another great yoga adventure spot.
Before we left, we went to see the Van Gogh Immersive Experience in Philadelphia. If you have not seen it yet, go check it out. I thought it was fabulous. One of my favorite parts of the exhibit were all the quotes from his letters posted everywhere. And, since you know me, you know that I could not stop thinking…This would be perfect for a mantra! So, there will be many more to come, but since I am out adventuring again, I thought I would start with this quote, which will inspire our mantra.
I am not an adventurer by choice, but by fate. – Vincent Van Gogh
I just love this!! I do feel that adventuring runs deep through my soul and being. And, I do believe it runs through all of us. We just need to find it and once we do, watch out! So, as hard as it is not to hibernate when the days begin to get cold and dark, try to find ways, big or small, to have an adventure. If you are in the US, hopefully you have some extra time off over Thanksgiving. Maybe, take a few of those days or even hours, to find an adventure. Let’s use this week’s mantra to guide us.
I will seek out adventure.
I will seek out adventure.
I will seek out adventure.
And, because I am adventuring, mantras will resume in December. But, you know that you can always reach me by replying here. However, I cannot promise that my response may be a little delayed due to days filled with exploration, fabulous food and obviously wine.
Cheers to you all!
XO – Laurel

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