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I will explore.


I hope you are all doing well. After three weeks in Greece, I should be home by now. I say “should” because I often write these a little in advance while traveling. It can be hard to get on the computer and wifi while out exploring. And, I emphasize should because when I am near water I often change my plans to stay longer. So, who knows, maybe I am still in Greece?!!? I am sure you can find pictures and updates on social media, ha.

Well, since I have been or am currently still exploring, I thought we would allow that theme to guide us this week. There is nothing more I love doing then seeing new places, new people and new cultures. Exploring seems to run through my blood. Every trail, every meal, every interaction seems like another opportunity to learn and experience something. Often we feel like we need to go far to explore, but this can definitely still happen at home. There are so many times that I walk through Bethlehem and notice a new piece of architecture, find a new store or restaurant, meet someone new…

So, this week, no matter where you are, let’s find some time to explore and wander through our environment. Let’s use this week’s mantra to guide us…

I will explore.

I will explore.

I will explore.

I hope to see you! There are a few spots left for my October Yoga Getaway in the Poconos. Grab one of those last spots here!Let’s explore the mountains together!

As always, you can always contact me by simply responding to this email.

Love and Light!

XO – Laurel

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