I will close my eyes and hear nothing.

Weekly Mantra

Although summer is coming to an end, I feel like it has just begun. What a strange two years it has been?!?!? As our social lives begin to ramp up more than ever, I struggle to find balance between being busy and being still. I feel like we went from zero to a thousand over night. I am extremely happy to be doing things again, but it is often hard to digest it all. Is it just me?? How are you feeling?

Let’s continue to allow last week’s mantra to guide us with a little more action (or lack there of). This week, take a few moments to just be. Allow your thoughts to take a pause. Allow your mind to be still. Allow your schedule to be clear. This week’s mantra requires no words, but rather it is just a suggestion. Sometimes, we need to close our eyes and hear nothing.

May your week be filled with love and peace!

XO – L

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