I will look inward.

Mantra I will look inward
We often spend time looking for the answers externally. We search, we ask others, we google, but most often the answers are within us. One of the most important components of yoga is learning to self-reflect. In the morning, I always give myself some time before I jump into work and my lengthy to-do list. Part of that, is taking a few moments for self-reflection. I often read a passage or two from a book to provide some guidance. And, the following passage I have been reading over and over again.
“Yoga, ultimately, is a path inward. Everything we seek about life: who we are, our dharma or our destiny resides inside. If the outside shape of the poses we practice on the mat is less than what we had anticipated, then the inside feeling of abundance is much more.
Yoga teaches us to experience a pose, and therefore experience life from the inside out. We learn to work toward it, to be thankful for it, to understand it, and come to peace with it. It is very much like a long-term relationship we embark on with our body, mind and spirit. If we only focus on the outside shape, then we miss the point of the practice.”
(Fearless After Fifty, Desiree Rumbaugh & Michelle Marchildon)
This week, let’s self-reflect and look inward rather than out. Let’s use this mantra to guide us.
I will look inward.
I will look inward.
I will look inward.

Have a fabulous week!
With love and gratitude,
XO – Laurel

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