Pay Attention.

Mantra Pay Attention
Happy Spring! The birds are chirping; the flowers are beginning to bloom and the mounds of snow surrounding my house have finally melt. Thank goodness! Life is full of transitions. I always appreciate the change of seasons to remind me that life is ever-changing. This week’s mantra is just a little reminder to stay aware, to stay present and to acknowledge these changes.
As most of you know, I am pretty nerdy, but often I find little gems of knowledge sprinkled into podcasts that I think you will appreciate. So, while listening to a podcast on how to combat cognitive decline (yes, I know, I am a total nerd. lol), I heard these words and I thought, wow, this is what yoga is all about!
Attention is the gatekeeper to consciousness.
– Dr. Dean Sherzai

As I often do, I made a note and then took some time for reflection. In yoga, we often talk about calming the monkey mind. We focus on our breath and our movement to remove all the other distractions. We need to pay attention! When we pay attention, we become aware! This awareness is yoga. This awareness is consciousness. Let’s use this week’s mantra as a reminder to slow down and pay attention when you are on your mat and when you are off.
Pay Attention.
Pay Attention.
Pay Attention.

Have a fabulous week!
With love and gratitude,
XO – Laurel

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