I will heal. You will heal. We will heal.

This week’s mantra is inspired by a quote in Dr. Michele Harper’s memoir, Beauty in the Breaking. Throughout the book she sprinkles in her connection with yoga and in her epilogue she gives such a beautiful description of yoga, and the similarity to medicine, that I wanted to share it in hopes that it brings us all towards more healing, inside and out.
Medicine, like yoga, like the entirety of this existence on earth, is a daily practice. It is the opportunity, should we choose it, to heal the human body and spirit. By healing ourselves, we heal each other. By healing each other, we heal ourselves. – Michele Harper
Let’s use these words to inspire our mantra this week because we all need to heal something and we all need to help others heal.
I will heal.
You will heal.
We will heal.
Oh and I am taking a few weeks off and hoping to escape the house for the first time since March. Mantras will resume September 27.
Sending you all love and virtual hugs! Stay positive!
XO – L

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