Mantra Daydream Pic
I listened. I paused. I listened again.
“It is never too late to make the rest of your dreams come true. If not now, when?”
– Sheri Salata via the Wellness Mama Podcast, Episode 263
Sheri spoke these words and challenged us to sit and simply dream…to sit in a chair, close our eyes and daydream. We have become so productive and so engulfed in what we need to do and should do that we often forget what we really want or what we are really dreaming of doing.
We are often too busy to daydream. But, what if we took ten, five or even two minutes to envision the lives we really want? I am not suggesting you flip your life upside down (unless that is what you need and want), but rather I think we need a few moments to think how we can tweak, revise and revisit where our life is heading. When we take these moments to free ourselves from the prescribed plan, we can rewrite and create the plan that we desire.
I dreamt a long time ago that I would have the chance to travel by making it a part of my business and I made that happen, but my dreams are far from fulfilled. Every time I take a few moments to daydream, my plan evolves and I have a slightly different dream. Often this feels “unproductive,” but I know it is the best way and only way I will make all my dreams come true.
So, this week, I encourage you to sit in a chair and rather than letting thoughts seize, let’s all…
With love and hugs,
XO – L

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