I Will Slow Down

Mantra I will slow down pic
Back from my beloved Italy with a to-do list that may just be longer than some of my Italian hikes.
But, I have a choice. I could have woken up and forgotten my path, my process, my practice or I could choose to give myself permission to be a bit slower, a bit more patient, a bit more forgiving.
The list will get done, maybe not today, but hopefully tomorrow;) But, honestly, the list never ends. The work we create never finishes, but we have the option to choose to slow down and complete tasks at a pace that feels healthy, yet productive.
This week’s mantra is inspired by my current state of jet lag and the slow and steady pace of my dear Italian friends.
I will slow down. I will slow down. I will slow down.
Hope to see you on or off the mat this week.

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