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Weekly Mantra: I LOVE YOU.
The holidays seem like they are in the distant past; however, the New Year has just begun. Our agendas and emotions can still be running a bit wild. I find that January can make us all a bit crazy, confused and a little restless.
So, let’s start 2018 with a fresh heart and open mind.
This week’s mantra calls for some heartfelt dedication. The words are easy, but the dedication will remain the important part.
Mantra…I love you, I love you, I love you.
I LOVE YOU. (Dedicate to the person that is closest to you who knows you love them, but could always use some additional love.)
I LOVE YOU. (Dedicate to the person in your life who you love, but always knows how to push your buttons; the person it may not be easy to express your love to.)
I LOVE YOU. (Dedicate to yourself. Remember, a New Years resolution will not make you perfect because you already are.)
Sending you all Lots of LOVE! Have an awesome week!
XO – L

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