I Will Move Forward

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Monday Mantra: I Will Move Forward
I feel like obstacles are inevitable, but somehow overcoming them seems to often feel impossible. We spend lots of time focusing on what’s in front of our path rather than how we can step over, avoid, or even eliminate the obstacle.
I feel like the Hindu God Ganesha has always been my patron saint of Yoga, for lack of a better description. The physical image of Ganesha, the elephant, has always held a prominent place in my heart. My great grandmother & grandfather collected elephants, which always seemed to keep me connected to the image and the actual animal.
When I later learned the symbolism of this Hindu God, it all began to make sense. I’m a fighter; not in a physical sense, but rather in a sense that keeps me going and never stops me from moving forward. I’m completely an utterly determined to prove myself wrong and often others. I feel like this determination always dwelled within, but I don’t think I routed this energy properly until I stepped on my mat and maybe not until a few years after.
When we step on our yoga mat, we find focus, clarity and often silence. We find time to let the chatter go, the nay sayers become quiet and we find peace in and without. And, then, somehow, confidence and determination is acknowledged within us.
So, as the holidays and 2018 continue to approach, rather than focusing on the obstacles of 2017, find steadiness, stillness and silence. The answer, the solution and maybe even the purpose of your obstacle will arise after. With this week’s mantra, let’s all say quietly and say aloud…
I will move forward. I will move forward.
Love, Love, Love…

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