15 Years Ago…

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15 years ago…
In yoga, we are taught to focus on the present moment rather than the past or future, but I cannot help to think and reflect on how Year 2001 changed my life and my journey so greatly. For being so young, I made some very bold decisions that brought me right here, right now.
So, where do I begin…
In 2001, I was finishing my undergraduate degree and looking forward to taking my last test, providing my last presentation and handing in my last essay. School was never easy for me. I worked hard and then harder. I never let loose and I never stopped studying. So, I was looking forward to walking down with my head up and my head finally clear of memorizing note cards. Despite all this, I was researching for law schools all over the Country. Because in 2001, the job market was awful and this girl wanted to be a civil rights lawyer, a far reach from being a yoga teacher. Let’s just say this..I am so glad I wear stretchy pants now instead of suits.
But, the universe had something else in mind for me. I got offered a job before I could even graduate. I decided to skip graduate school for the time being and join the working world. The Northeast was stuck with me. That summer, I started out as a recruiter for Warren County Community College in New Jersey, where I would later become the Dean of Students.
Amongst all this, I was planning a wedding. I was getting married that August. Crazy Right?!? Or, maybe not. I knew, my now husband, of 15 years was the one. I knew he was my best friend and knew we could pretty much handle anything together. So, shortly after my graduation and starting my first “real” job, I was getting married.
We married August 26, 2001 and went on our honeymoon to Jamaica, our first trip out of the country. We didn’t even need passports back then. But, what was about to happen, would make us question each flight and require us to carry passports.
We returned from our honeymoon only several days before September 11th. I still remember that day clearly as I sat in my office wondering what was going on. Why were classes cancelled? Where was my husband, who was actually taking classes at the College (Since I boldly told him to quit his job and get his butt into college)? I was afraid. We were all afraid and that year become even more impactful than I could have ever imagined. We all have our stories about that day. We all have our memories and mine landed just a few short weeks after graduating college, starting a job and getting married. Life felt slightly chaotic.
So, I decided, why not make it even more crazy? That year, the housing market flopped and we could actually afford to buy a house. We bought our very own house in Bethlehem, deeded 1900, that needed a complete overhaul. Life just got even crazier.
But, somehow, everything worked. Somehow, I/we made decisions that brought me right here, right now. That year could have been so different, so easily. What if I decided to goto graduate school and move away? Would I be living in my beloved Bethlehem? What if I didn’t walk down that aisle? Everyone thought we were crazy because we were so young. What if the market didn’t crash? Would we actually been able to afford a house, which brought me so many beautiful memories?
In 2001, I was so young, yet somehow so intuitive. I followed my heart and knew what was going to be right. That year, although 15 years ago, probably impacted this year more than any other. We all have those moments, those weeks, those months or even years where change seems constant and BIG decisions seem to appear everyday. Those choices bring us here. They bring us to today.
Although I love talking about my journey, I did not share this so that you can learn more about me, but rather so that you can learn more about yourself. What has impacted your life? What has changed your journey? Was there a time where you were bold, courageous, intuitive and followed your heart rather than what you knew would work or would be perfect? We often get frozen and afraid to make choices or changes, but often these are what make today so amazing.
Sending you light, love and courage,

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