Changing Perfection Perception

Changing perfection perception image
Summer always has me moving, socializing and soaking up the sun. As a result, my practice always changes every summer. The amount of time on my mat becomes less and short pop-up practices become the usual. Similar to many others, we have the opportunity to be much more active, when the sun is shining and the weather is hot.
Every summer, I judge and I question my loyalty to yoga because my practice changes so drastically. My passion for practicing with “perfection” slides away and I want to simply stretch out my aches and pains from my busy and active day. Rather than having a specific practice or sequence, I become much more nurturing and self-reflective. I notice that I need to move slower, I need to sit more and I need to connect with my breath more than usual.
I am not suggesting that this practice is not perfect, but rather it requires a shift in perfection perception. So often, we self-criticize without a full evaluation. We are such habitual creatures that we forget that we are ever-changing and ever-evolving.
The change in seasons provides us with the opportunity to see this so clearly. I know that Fall and Winter are right around the corner and my warm fireplace will be waiting to heat me up as I move through arm balances and inversions. But, until then, my perfect practice now includes lots of hip and hamstring stretching, long held detoxing twists, seated poses to ground me and breathing exercises to cool me.
Rather than moving through the poses and pushing yourself to your previous perceived perfection, slow down, do less, and breathe more!
Sending you sunshine, love and a cool summer breeze!
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