Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple imageThe Holidays are stressful enough. So, don’t make gift giving stressful, make it fun-filling! Here are some quick gift giving tips!
1) Give the Gift of Time! Many of my Christmas cards to friends and family include a note, stating, “Join me for Dinner!” or…breakfast, lunch, spin class, yoga class, pedicure, etc. This is one less gift you need to pick up and it also gives you time with those you love. Don’t stress about squeezing in these dates all around Christmas. Wait until February when everyone’s calendars are cleared.
2) Skip the Mall and Shop Local. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love shopping local. You will not only find the perfect unique gift, but you will also be supporting your community. There will be less traffic, less craziness and you will most likely get assistance from the shop owner.
3) Oil and Vinegar. It is that simple. I love buying specialty oil and vinegars for people because this is something everyone can use. I am lucky to have Seasons Olive Oil and Vinegar Taproom here in Downtown Bethlehem, but this is a gift you can pick up at your local grocery store as well. Add it to the weekly food shopping list and you are done.
4) Cookie Crawl. I won’t deny my despise for baking, but I do love the time spent with my husband in the kitchen. I also love what comes after. We walk through town and deliver cookies to all our friends, family and local businesses. It is more about the time spent saying hello, then it is about the cookies. Although, people begin asking for them as soon as December hits. It does not need to be cookies; it could be jarred sauce, a homemade christmas ornament, homemade soap, etc. Again, focus less on the item and more on the quality time.
5) Provide Experiences. Similar to #1, but with a little bit higher of an ante. Rather than buying another toy for the children in the family, provide them with an unforgettable gift. Last year, we took my nieces and nephew to New York City for the day. This year, we are taking them to a cabin for a weekend. They will never forget their day in the Big Apple with their Aunt Laurel and Uncle Josh, but they most likely would forget the toy that would get piled next to the others.
Hope these tips will help the next two weeks become a little more fun-filled and a little less stressful.
Oh and make sure to get on your yoga mat! Join me Christmas Eve at 9:30am at The Yoga Loft for a yoga flow that will help relieve your holiday worries and energize you for all your festivities!
Sending you light, love and pure happiness,

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