Mixing Business With Pleasure

Mixing Business With Pleasure
We were raised to never do this. We feel guilty when we do it. But, why can’t we? Why should business be boring? Why should it be painful? Why should it be unfulfilling? Why should it not include all that you love? Well, I am here to tell you to embrace this amazing combination. Mix it! Stir it! Do it!
I am writing this while flying home from Aruba where I mixed business with pleasure for the last eight days. Meetings with ocean views, hours of brainstorming, typing away in my bikini, teaching yoga beachside and exploring the One Happy Island filled my days. I never felt guilty, but I often felt overwhelmed with gratitude. Rather than run away from something that seemed too good to be true, I embraced it.
Almost five years exactly, my life changed drastically and I decided that I would attempt to love each and every minute. This requires loving your occupation. I knew I loved yoga and the natural health industry. And, I had a background in marketing. I would have never predicted that this combination would have me flying home from an Aruban business trip, but it is evidence of perseverance and determination.
After making this critical decision, I slowly began to focus on what made me happy and my career path and life changed before my eyes. Yoga and all things healthy fill my days and I have always loved educating others about these topics. So, I started using my marketing skills to help others get their health and wellness message/product out into the world.
As I travel home, I smile to myself and think how excited my new team in Aruba was to learn about vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dining. We all had fun creating smoothie options and we spent time chatting about and doing yoga. We all embraced all things healthy together and we knew we had something we needed to share with the world. We are creating a healthy and happy paradise in Aruba. So fresh, so different and so amazing!
I loved every minute while I was there and I don’t feel guilty one bit. This amazing opportunity has allowed me to touch so many people’s lives and this health movement will be contagious. Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa has committed to becoming the leader in health and wellness on the Island and I could not be more proud of their efforts and the part I play in this role. Come back with me to Aruba in November and experience this beautiful transition first hand!
Fill your days with all that you love, and you will not only change your life, you will change others! Mix it! Stir it! Do it!
Stay happy and healthy!

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