Quick summary of why and how I came to find Laurel. Over the last two years, I lost more than 100 pounds, but was not satisfied with where my running ability progressed to. I spent a lot of time and money with physical and sports therapists, and kept having injuries and setbacks. A coworker of mine recommended yoga as an alternative. I first considered yoga to be not tough enough to improve my physical expectations or help me as a runner. I took a chance and sought out Laurel at the yoga for runner’s class at Aardvark; after one yoga session with her, I can honestly say I was wrong.
Yoga and Laurel have had such a positive impact on me; I can’t believe the changes I have seen in my life. Physically I’m stronger, faster and more flexible now. I finished my first half marathon at runner’s world in Bethlehem in October 2014. The most positive change is one I did not see coming, and that is from the mental positives yoga has given me. I used to be a very type “A” person, needing a goal, needing a victory, a win per say. Laurel has opened my eyes to be happy with where I am;  I don’t always need to win, victory isn’t about winning all the time or recording the best time in anything, sometimes it’s about the journey. I find more enjoyment in everything I do, when I concentrate on experiences and not end points.
Laurel was the perfect person to start me on this journey not just through yoga but a lot more. Her expertise allows her to judge how far to push me and when not too. She makes me believe I’m more capable than I ever thought. Through her help, guidance, and encouragement I can honestly say I’m not just a more physically fit person, I’m a better person all around. I feel privileged that Laurel was my first yoga teacher;  I respect her zest for life, and now not only consider her my yoga teacher but someone whose opinion I value and a friend.