Vitamins and Herbs I Never Travel Without!

What vitamins and herbs to pack while traveling
So… many of you asked…What vitamins and herbs do you pack??
Years ago, I made many travel mistakes and one of the biggest was not being prepared with the vitamins and herbs to help me feel optimal. I love to travel, but it is extremely stressful mentally and physically. The actual travel days are exhausting and filled with germs. Then, we often need to adjust to time change, different foods and often water. So, I prepare for the worst and I also try to keep my immune system fortified and strong!
As mentioned in my previous travel blog, always pack your vitamins, supplements and herbs in a travel approved case. You do not want to go through the trouble of packing all this goodness to have it taken away at security. I use ROAM’s Wellness Travel Packs, but you can also keep everything in the original bottles. I choose to use the packs since they take up a lot less space. Remember, carry on only! And, always pack them in your backpack just in case you need to check your carry on!
So, here we go, a little peak into what I pack and why…
Probiotics: I have had my fair share of intestinal issues while traveling and it is the worst!!! Years ago, all probiotics needed to be kept refrigerated so I would leave them at home…big mistake!! But now, there are brands that no longer need to be kept cold!! Thank goodness! Probiotics help maintain the healthy gut bacteria in your digestive system, which is definitely needed no matter where you are traveling!! And, bonus… they can assist in boosting the immune system!!
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Activated Charcoal: For the same reasons mentioned above, I do not travel without activated charcoal. I know it sounds weird, but charcoal activates to toxins and helps remove them from the body. So, if my stomach starts to feel off or bloated, I take activated charcoal and hope to prevent any serious mishaps. And, bonus…it can assist in preventing hangovers!!
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Chlorophyll: By now, you will start to notice a trend! I am all about keeping my belly happy and healthy while traveling! Our digestion is so compromised when traveling; we are eating different foods, at different times, and often with different bacteria. And, we often over consume food and alcohol. So, chlorophyll is a great way to gently assist the detoxification system as well as get some extra plant based vitamins since I am often a little veggie deprived in some countries. And, bonus it helps boost the immune system!
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Magnesium Powder: Yup, again, this is about keeping my belly happy, but magnesium also helps calm the nervous system, reduces muscle soreness and helps increase energy! I know. I know. We hate to talk about it, but being constipated while traveling is no fun!! So, I take magnesium in the morning to help me go and then I often take it to help relax my nervous system before heading to bed. I use a powder form and simply add it to my tea water in the morning and evening.
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Stinging Nettle: I retain water easily and when I travel I retain even more!! I drink water and more water and I still feel like I have gained 10 pounds when I step off the plane. Stinging Nettle is a natural diuretic that I take throughout my entire trip. I need all the help I can get since eating out often contains more salt than I usually consume, which increases water retention. And, bonus for my ladies…it can help reduce PMS symptoms…something else we don’t want to deal with while traveling!!
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B12: As a vegan, it is important that I take B12, but I think it is great for everyone especially while traveling! B12 can boost your energy as well as your mood, which can both be compromised when traveling! Jet lag can crush anyone’s energy level and mood. So, B12, is always packed since I am often traveling with my students…no one wants a grumpy yoga teacher. lol!
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Multi-Vitamin: This is pretty standard, but I do think it is important since we undergo so many changes while traveling and we often cannot control our diet as well as we can at home. I prefer the brand Rainbow Light, which offers multi-vitamins based on gender and age.
These are the basics and I often throw some other things in there depending on where I am traveling. PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor!! These recommendations are simply what has worked for me over the years. Please consultant a healthcare practitioner for further advice!
Well, that was a lot!! I would love to hear from you!! What is missing from my list that you cannot live without when you travel? What other travel tips would you like to read about? Help me out!! I need some ideas!
Sending you love and the travel bug! Hope you will join me on an adventure soon!
XO – Laurel

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