I Will Keep Dreaming

This week, I am reflecting on a passage again from Michelle Damiani’s Il Bel Centro. I finished the book awhile ago, but I enjoy going back reading through passages I earmarked. And, this one, wow, did it hit me and move me.
“There will be moments of self doubt. That is part of the process. There were moments where I regretted this tendency to dream. Where the situation was so painful, I cursed this need of mine to endeavor to forge new pathways, live in the unexpected, challenge our existence. Because sometimes, it’s just hard. I suspect all dreamers have this experience, when reality knocks up against the dewy idealism of our imagination. Tough spots, those. Spots where the naysayers — around us in the darkness of our souls – smirk in triumph. … It’s hard. But worth it? …Oh absolutely.”
And, I absolutely agree with her. Reality may have smacked me in my face and a lot of other places over the last few months, but I will keep dreaming and I hope you will too. Because a world without dreamers is just downright boring! So, this week’s mantra…
I will keep dreaming.
I will keep dreaming.
I will keep dreaming.
Sending you all love and virtual hugs! Stay positive!
XO – L

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