Better than Before

Mantra Better than Before
Throughout this entire pandemic, one thing that has not changed, has been my two-minute morning ritual. I talked a lot about the process at the beginning of the year and I may recycle some of the material as a reminder for everyone. If you happened to purchase the actual journal, it is filled with little quotes that are true gems. Recently, I read…”The goal is not to be perfect, but to be better than before.” I cannot think of a better message for myself and for the world right now. This pandemic has definitely shown us that we can do things better.
I think that this message is such a great reminder because the fear of obtaining perfection often stops us in our tracks. But, what if, we focused on better than the unobtainable? Would we be better? Would the world be better? This week, let’s allow our mantra to keep us motivated on moving forward with a goal that keeps us going rather than slowing us down.
This week’s mantra:
Better than Before!
Better than Before!
Better than Before!
XO – L

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