Let’s Flow Together

Mantra Let's Flow Together
After another successful Musikfest filled with dancing, singing and simply going with the flow I am exhausted. If you missed it, Bethlehem, my home town and maybe it is yours too, hosts the largest free music festival in the USA. For me and for many others here near and far, the world stops for 10 days and we fill our days with music, dancing, laughter and lots of sweat.
Musikfest always provides great entertainment as well as great opportunities to connect with new and old friends. And, it is the only 10 day span, while home, that I truly and with purpose try my best to go with the flow. Typically, my days are extremely packed and organized, but during Musikfest there may be a band playing I want to see or a friend or family member in town who wants to stroll through the festival. Or, I may run into someone and then someone else detouring the whole evening. But, to me, that is what Musikfest is all about.
So, if you missed it, I am sorry because sadly it is ending, but what if we could take my Musikfest philosophy and apply it to other days? Do our days need to be so regimented? What if we simply tried to take a step back and decide what we want to do rather than what we “need” to do? What if we tried our best to follow the detours and go with the flow?
This week, let’s try our best…
Let’s Flow Together.
Let’s Flow Together.
Let’s Flow Together.
Sending you love, laughs and a little flow!
XO – L

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