Travel Tip: Pack for anything and anywhere in a carry-on bag!

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Hey there explorer!
So, I am at it again…the packing prep has begun!! I head to Iceland at the end of the month and my packing is always very thought out because I hate checking bags!!! I travel everywhere with a carry on and backpack!! People often ask me how I do it. And, as the summer season approaches and we head out for adventures, I thought I would share my packing tips with you here!!
So, here you go, my packing tips 101!!
1) Make a list of all necessities and keep this for each trip. I keep my list on my phone in my notes. Yes, it will vary, but much of it will stay the same (ex. vitamins, passport, snacks for flight, headphones, etc). This starts you out organized and your fear of forgetting something diminishes.
2) Lay out everything you are planning to pack before putting it into your bag. Once it is in the bag, it is forgotten and you continue to add and add. I know firsthand, I used to do it all the time! Once everything is laid out, start counting and determine if you need more or less. Don’t be afraid to put away unnecessary items.
3) Be realistic, do you really need multiple pair of jeans?? Would you change your jeans everyday at home. I rewear clothes at home all the time before washing. So, plan to do the same when you travel. No one will remember that you wore the same sweater on Day 2 and 5!! And, if you pack one less item than needed, you will have room to bring more home!!
4) Use packing cubes. I just started using packing cubes within the past year and I love them. I can keep clothes organized and I squeeze in a lot more items. Bonus, when traveling home, I can separate dirty and clean clothes into different cubes. Sometimes I roll and sometimes I don’t. For me, when I am packing heavier clothes it is easier to fold them and roll lighter clothes within the perimeter of my packing cube.
5) Use travel size toiletries and have them accessible to pull out, if needed. I have TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry, but I am still always prepared to pull all liquids out. My newest addition to my carry on accessories are these silicon travel bottles that I can fill with all my favorite products. I simply pack them in the exterior zipper portion of my bag and pull out as needed.
6) Wear layers on the plane and plan to wear the same outfit home. My airplane outfit could last me for days in and of itself. I always wear leggings, tank top, t-shirt, sweater, scarf, a jacket and sneakers or boots on the plane. Everything is heavier if traveling somewhere cold and lighter, if traveling somewhere warm. You can always take layers off while on the plane and when you arrive, but at least you are prepared for a cold flight and/or arrival.
7) Ladies!!! I promise you do not need as many shoes as you think!!! Remember, lay out your clothes and coordinate so that you only need one pair or two pair of shoes packed. Also, remember, you will be wearing shoes on the plane. Pack shoes that can be easily squished around your packing cubes.
8) Lastly, I fill up my backpack with all my necessities for the flight! And, I always keep all vitamins and other important items in my backpack as well. This way, if the overhead area fills up and the flight attendants make you check your bag (which would be free), you still have access to everything you need. Ladies, keep in mind that you will need to throw your purse in your backpack as well since you can typically only have one personal item and a carry-on bag on the plane.
Bonus/ Pro-Tip: Pack a pair of old sneakers and leave them behind, if you find something you really want to bring home. I often bring my old running sneakers that get gross after hiking for days. I have no problem saying goodbye to them after they are filled with mud and sweat!!
Well, I hope this relieves some of the packing stress that often occurs before traveling. I pack this way all the time and often come home and still have not worn everything packed. And, as airlines begin to add more and more fees, think about the money you can save and the hassle at the airport standing in line to check a bag and then picking it up on your return! Traveling is fun, but spending additional time at the airport is not!
If you enjoyed this and/or thought it was useful, let me know. I am considering sharing a travel tip once a month!! I would love to hear your feedback. Simply click HERE and send me an email.
Sending you love and the travel bug!!! I hope you can join me on an adventure soon!!
XO – L
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